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First English Test in Marketing Center
In order to provide better service and rapid reply to our clients and help members have a fluent talking with foreign clients, marketing center plans to organize a series of English learning and tests. Every month, two members of marketing center will join in the test.

On Dec. 10, 2013, marketing center organized the first English test. This test was mainly made for Sally and Shirley. Katherine was the chief examiner and other members were assisting examiners. This test had two parts, business conversation and business email writing. Shirley was the first to be tested. At the beginning, she was a little nervous in the conversation test. After a few minutes, she was in good condition. Then she began her writing test. Meanwhile, Sally started her conversation test. Same problem happened to her. She was also a little nervous. But, she calmed down quickly. Finally, every member gave a score to their conversations and email writings which would judge whether they passed the test or not.

Fortunately, both of them passed the test. Although they had some problems during the test, they had made great improvement in their spoken English and written English. Not only them, other members of marketing center had learned some business English knowledge. The most important is that all members are encouraged from the test. They will do their best to learn English well and have a good performance in their tests.