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Q: Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes, We are an experienced manufacturer of self drilling anchor bolt.
Q: Do you have product certification?
A: Yes, we have ISO and CE certification. You can find relevant information on our website: https://www.sinorockbolt.com/about-us/certification.html
Q: Can you provide product brochure?
A: Please download brochures on our website: https://www.sinorockbolt.com/download.html

Q: Which size of self drilling anchor bolt do you have?
A: Self-drilling anchor bolt is our core product. We can provide R25, R32, R38, R51, T30, T40, T76, T52, T103 and T111 self drilling anchor bolt.
Q: What’s the range of products do you have?
A: Sinorock® not only provides the products produced by our own factory, like self drilling hollow anchor bolt system, but also provides duplex coating rock bolt system, expansion shell anchor bolt system, stainless self drilling anchor bolt system, fiberglass anchor bolt system and friction rock bolt system.
Q: Can you send samples?
A: Yes, we'd like provide samples. If the cost of goods is less than 50USD, we will provide samples for free and clients only need pay the freight charges. If the cost of goods is more than 50USD, both the cost of goods and freight need to be paid by clients.
Q: Which country or region have your products been exported to?
A: Our products have been exported around the world, such as America, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand , Japan, South Korea, Chile, Iran, etc.

Q: Could you offer the price?
A: Before offering prices to you, will you please tell me your quantity and which type of products do you need? Quotation will be provided according to your specific requirement.
Q: Could you provide the packing details?
A: Generally, our anchor bars are packed in buddles. Accessories are put into cardboards and then packed into pallets. You can find some information on our website: https://www.sinorockbolt.com/about-us/service.html If you need more detailed instruction of Sinorock® packages, welcome to contact us via the email: sinorock02@sinorockco.com. We will send the instruction for you.