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  • Self-Drilling Anchor Bolt (R thread)
    R thread self drilling anchor bolt has sizes include R25, R32, R38, R51. It is suitable for broken rock and loose soil.
    Self-Drilling Anchor Bolt (R thread)
  • T thread hollow anchor bar
    T thread self drilling anchor bolt is composed of hollow anchor bar, coupler, nut, drill bit, plate, and centralizer. It applies to marine environment and chloride corrosion conditions.
    Self Drilling Anchor Bolt (T thread)
  • Large diameter anchor bolt
    Large diameter anchor bolt has sizes include T73, T76, T103, T111, T127, T130.
    Large Diameter Anchor Bolt
  • Stainless self drilling anchor bolt is widely used in bay, pier, pile foundation, breakwater and mooring system.
    Stainless Self Drilling Anchor Bolt
  • Duplex coating rock bolt is applied to conditions which are influenced by underground water and sea water.
    Duplex Coating Rock Bolt
  • R thread drill bit includes EX, EXX, EY, EYY, EC, ECC, etc.
    Drill Bit
  • T thread drill bit includes EX, EXX, EY, EYY, ESS-F, clay bit, etc.
    Drill Bit
  • Sinorock has domed nut and hex nut, which can be used for both doomed plate and flat plate.
    Anchor Nut
  • R thread anchor coupler is used to elongate the anchor bar. It enables energy energy transmission between bars.
    Anchor Coupler
  • T thread anchor coupler is easy to connect anchor bars to improve the work efficiency.
    Anchor Coupler
  • Anchor plate for R thread anchor bolt includes flat plate and domed plate.
    Anchor Plate