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Large Diameter Anchor Bolt
Large diameter anchor bolt has sizes include T73, T76, T103, T111, T127, T130.

Large diameter anchor bolt is a type of self drilling anchor bolt, which has a larger diameter than other common sizes. It is usually applied to pipe shed and micropile.

For pipe shed


Large diameter anchor bolt is applied for constructions of shallow buried parts of tunnel portal, fault zones and sand belt in tunnel, collapsed tunnel and urban tunnel. During the construction, it will increase the safety of tunnel portal and improve the stability of tunnel because of the advanced support.

1. Reduce surface subsidence and preventing collapse effectively.
2. Improve bending strength and controlling inclination.
3. Large diameter anchor bolt can be applied to fault zones of excavation and tunnel portal.
4. It will improve wall rock and make good adhesive strength by high-pressure grouting.

For micro pile


Large diameter anchor bolt can be drilled into any ground conditions through clay, sand and rock, so it has a various applications. With the stabilization of micro piles, it can decrease the influence of settlement action to buildings and reinforce the foundation effectively.


1. There is only little influence on original building and no disturbing to normal use when constructing.
2. There will be very low noise and small vibration when constructing. 
3. It can drill through kinds of obstacles, and is suitable for different ground conditions.
4. It has a full thread bar, which is simple to connect and suitable for narrow space.
5. It can form composite foundation between two piles with cushion.

Size Outer Dia.
Ultimate Load
Yield Load
SET73L 73 1160 970 13.20
SET73N 73 1582 1270 17.80
SET73S 73 1865 1430 21.20
SET76N 76 1600 1200 16.50
SET76S 76 1900 1500 19.70
SET103N 103 2270 1800 23.50
SET103S 103 3660 2670 44.60
SET111L 111 2640 2000 25.00
SET111N 111 3650 2750 34.50
SET127L 127 2400 1810 30.50
SET130S 130 7940 5250 78.00
SET130N 130 6340 4200 78.00
SET150S 150 8400 5600 108.00
SET200S 200 14230 9500 183.00