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Centralizer is used for creating the necessary gap on anchor bar for equal grouting in borehole during soil nailing operation.

Centralizer is installed on the anchor bar to fix it in the right direction when installing the anchor bar into the rock mass. The key operation points are:
1.The centralizer should be first installed on the anchor bar before using the couplers to connect the bars. 
2.Usually, the centralizer is installed on the middle part of the anchor bar.
3.Keep the anchor bar in the right direction during the operation process.
4.Centralizer is designed and used to provide a grout cover of minimum 20.0 mm around the self drilling anchor bolt.


1. Choose the right size of centralizere to be adaptable to the anchor bar.
2. Centralizer is made of steel which can be installed in kinds of rock.
3. Five bulgy parts on it to provide enough force to prevent anchor bar from drilling in the wrong way.

Size Outer Dia.
SER32 72 30 0.27
SER38 78 30 0.28
SER51 91 30 0.30