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R Thread Anchor System
  • Self-Drilling Anchor Bolt (R thread)
    R thread self drilling anchor bolt has sizes include R25, R32, R38, R51. It is suitable for broken rock and loose soil.
    Self-Drilling Anchor Bolt (R thread)
  • EXX drill bit
    R thread drill bit includes EX, EXX, EY, EYY, EC, ECC, etc.
    Drill Bit
  • Sinorock has domed nut and hex nut, which can be used for both doomed plate and flat plate.
    Anchor Nut
  • R thread anchor coupler is used to elongate the anchor bar. It enables energy energy transmission between bars.
    Anchor Coupler
  • Anchor plate for R thread anchor bolt includes flat plate and domed plate.
    Anchor Plate
  • Centralizer is used for creating the necessary gap on anchor bar for equal grouting in borehole during soil nailing operation.
  • Drill bit adapter is used to connect anchor bar and drill bit which have different sizes.
    Drill Bit Adapter