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2014 BBQ Festival By Super Team

The first half of 2014 has passed. In order to thank our staff for the half year's effort and encourage them to keep up the good work, we held an interesting activity. That is BBQ Festival which is held by marketing center, a super team.

We planed to hold the activity on the roof. So we used many decorations to make it more beautiful. However, just one hour after the beginning, a sudden heavy rain disorganized our plan. We had to move all the things down to our office. Even though, it didn't affect our good mood at all.

Almost every staff attended the activity. We ate delicious food, sang songs and drang wine. Everybody was excited to communicate with each other. The activity lasted for 5 hours. The happy time was always flies.

This BBQ festival not only helped us to have a relax, but also created a chance to have communication with other colleagues. Because in the daily work, we are busy so that we don't have too much time to realize each other. Through the activity, we get the chance. We hope that this kind of activity will be more and more.