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A Wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival Party in Sinorock

15th August of lunar calendar is Mid-Autumn Festival in China. In this year, it is on the 8th August. Last Saturday, Sinorock held a wonderful party to celebrate the festival.

In order to have a different festival, the administration center started to scheme the party two weeks ahead of time. They recruited service staff in our company, including four hosts, two cameramen to take photos, two baristas to make coffee, two tea specialists to make tea and some pastry cookers to make moon cakes. Unexpectedly, many people enlisted as service staff. They all tried their best to give everybody good service.

The administration center also required every department to give a performance at the party. There was dance, short sketch, recite, singing, and so on. In order to give a good performance, we rehearsed about one hour after work everyday.

At the party, the short sketch, which was performed by R & D center, brought much laughter to us. It won the first prize. The dance performed by both financial department and administration won the second prize. There were also some plays at the party. Some people had good performance in the plays and won prizes.

Because of the party, the mid-autumn became different to the past ones. It is excellent and unforgettable.

The four hosts. Beautiful girls, they were going to dance.
A dance by marketing center.