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Application of self-drilling anchor bolts - Hydropower Project

Hydropower is a traditional renewable energy source, but aging dams require periodic maintenance. A stabilization project that added high-capacity anchor bolts and new concrete enhanced the Bagnell Dam, positioning it as a safe and reliable source of power for the future.

In recent years, as an efficient and new technology, self-drilling anchor bolts have been widely used in hydropower projects.

Self-drilling anchor bolts in hydroelectric projects can be used for supporting slope, reinforcing surrounding terrain, and avoiding hole collapse or other geological disasters. The anchor bar can be connected with another one by the coupler to lengthen to the designed depth. The sacrificial drill bit is made of the material with strong penetrating power, which can drill rock with different hardness. The nut can concentrate and transfer stress to its plate.

In the construction of hydroelectric projects, the cement is grouted through the anchor bar, the collapsed borehole can be fully grouted and the stability of the rock condition will be extensively improved. Based on lots of successful actual practices, self-drilling anchor bolts are proved to be an ideal anchoring technology for hydroelectric project construction.

As a professional manufacturer of self-drilling anchor bolts, Sinorock has professional R&D equipment and technicians with more than ten years of industry experience. Sinorock can propose the systematic anchoring solution for your project to make the project construction safer and more efficient.