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Auckland CRL Tunnel

The largest component of Auckland’s City Rail Link (CRL) project–the construction of the twin 3.4kn long tunnels and new stations–has been planned by CRL Project Director in early February.

There will be two new stations as part of the build of the underground rail line linking Britomart with the existing western line near Mt Eden.

The new stations will be near Aotea Square with entrances at Wellesley and Victoria Streets and a station in Mercury Lane, just off Karangahape Road. The present Mount Eden train station will be extended and redeveloped.

These stations all are constructed more than 10m-deep below ground, including platforms, lifts and escalators to street level, plant rooms housing station and tunnel equipment.

As for tunnels, twin-bored tunnel construction (circa 7m diameter) between the Mt Eden station and the southern end of Aotea Station will be constructed.

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