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Basic Knowledge of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

With rapid development of economy, the underground engineering construction has made remarkable achievements. However, in the settlement of the mountain collapse, landslides and other issues, self drilling anchor has been more and more popular with each engineer. It combines drilling, grouting and anchoring in one progress and this technical characteristics is significant for anchoring under the complex geological conditions.
The technical characteristics of self drilling anchor: its main part is a hollow bolt which can act as a drilling and grouting pipe together. Before grouting, the dust can also be blown after drilling; the hollow bolt can act as grouting channel, and the cement slurry eject through the drill bits, which makes self drilling anchor bonded tightly to the soil around. Hence, the purpose of reinforcing rock will be achieved finally.
Before drilling, the shank of the link rod is connected to the self drilling anchor and the drilling machine. With the bore rock drilled to the design depth, install the plate and nut, and the next progress is grouting. The size of the drill bits can control the size of the drilling holes. Generally speaking, the diameter of the drilling holes is about 2-3 times of the size of the drill bits. Because its rod can be cut freely, the self drilling anchor can not only be applied for railways, tunnels, slope reinforcement and other projects, and it is more suitable for ground subsidence, governance hole collapse, landslides and other geological disasters.