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Blackboard Newspaper Design About Quality

Sinorock carried out Quality Month three months ago, and at the end of August, this activity will be finished, but we will continue this activity and improve quality of our productions, service and institutions. The best way of showing our quality knowledge is to design blackboard newspapers, so Sinorock organized an activity among each apartment.
This blackboard newspaper design activity demands that every blackboard should show its contents clearly and systematically. Content should be related with quality, and it should be designed attractively and creatively.
After voting these blackboards, there were three apartments getting good results.
Quality Department won the first place. It adopted three meaningful pictures to discuss, Oriental Pearl, handshaking and rattan. Oriental Pearl shows our company’s logo and core values, it will lead us to develop our company better; handshaking means that we cooperate with not only clients, but also every department in our company; rattan means that our company’s benefit will be better and better, the quality of our production will be perfect.
Financial Department won the second place. It adopted flow chart to show the process of problem solving and it emphasized the importance of quality. Everyone cares about quality, our company will grow quickly.
Management Department won the third place. It was attractive by telling us a story and it explained what affects date of delivery.
Other departments also showed their elegant actions by blackboard newspapers. Though the Quality Month is near to end, we will stick to quality all the time.