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Ceneri Breakthroughs

On 17.03.2015, thirteen months ahead of schedule, the first breakthrough to the south took place in the southbound west tube of the Ceneri Base Tunnel. The deviation was extremely small, only 2 cm horizontally and 1 cm vertically.

Breakthrough in the southbound east tube will be today 30.03.2015. Driving in the northbound tubes is still progressing at full speed. Until the breakthrough point at Vigana, the distance remaining to be excavated in the west tube is around 1,500 m and in the east tube around 2,000 m. All being well, final breakthrough of the Ceneri Base Tunnel will take place at the beginning of 2016.

Only with the 15.4-km-long base tunnel under Monte Ceneri will the continuous flat route from Altdorf to Lugano become reality. The Ceneri Base Tunnel will become operational at the end of 2019.