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Difficulties and Hot Spots of Deep Foundation Excavation Technology

With rapid growth of urban construction, reinforcement of development and utilization of underground spaces, deeper of excavation depth, complexity of excavation environment, designer and constructor will probably encounter problems. So engineering technicians should promote dynamic design and informational construction technology, strengthen monitoring, perfect construction technology, avoid engineering accident and then promote construction techniques further development.

To make deep foundation excavation safer, more reasonable, economical and convenient, its difficulties and hot spots should be analyzed fully and then good solutions will be put forward.

Technological difficulties:
1. Soil mechanics’ strength, deformation and permeation problems will be all appeared.
2. The influence of construction factors is great and has uncertainty.
3. Failure modes cross each other, interact as both cause and effect, calculation pattern of design has great unintelligibility.

Hot Spots:
1. Accidental frequency is high, disaster has wide range, which have great influence on society and raise concern of government and society.
2. Engineering cost has large proportion, unreasonable scheme and low degree of safety are the potential factors of high accident rate.
3. Pursuing high speed and low cost is the direct inducement for high accident rate.

Micro-pile reinforcement systems are support, reinforce and protect method for side wall and surrounding environment, ensuring foundation pit excavation and foundation construction’s process and safety.