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Features of Self-drilling Anchor System

Self drilling anchor system is an effective mean of anchoring. It can be used to advanced support and radial support of railways, slope reinforcement, roadbed reinforcement and regulation project of tunnel disaster.
Because of the excellent thickness seamless steel tube, the convenient and rapid thread forming process on surface and the perfect fittings, self-drilling anchor system can make the unify of drilling grouting and anchoring come true.
Features of self-drilling anchor system are as follow:
1) There is a bit with high penetrability on the top of self-drilling anchor system, it can penetrate into many kinds of rocks with common rock drilling machinery.
2) Self-drilling anchor system has continuous wave form thread of international standard, it can be used to drill into anchor hole with bits.
3) As a drill pipe, self-drilling anchor system doesn’t need to be pulled out. Its hollow can be the grouting channel.
4) A dynamical stop plug makes strong grouting pressure for grouting so that voids can be filled completely, broken rocks can be fixed, high-strength plates and nuts can pass the stress of deep surrounding rocks on perine surrounding rocks so that surrounding rocks and anchors can support each other.
5) A dynamical coupling set made by mechanical cutting process makes self-drilling anchor system can be lengthened while drilling so that it can be applied in smaller construction space.
6) Because of its trinity system, some special techniques such as casing pipe wall protection and pre-grouting are needless to make sure a good effect of drilling, anchoring and grouting. place.