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Fire Drill in Sinorock®

In order to avoid occurrence of fire and nip in the bud, Sinorock organized a fire drill in Luoyang factory on May 25.
Fire control work is the main part of safe production in company and safety is the foundation for carrying out every work.
Knowledge and education of fire control aim to improve staffs’ basic consciousness and skills. There were two parts of this fire drill: knowledge training and actual combat.
During knowledge training, we knew clearly about damage of fire through real examples, about ability of putting out a fire, about process of self-saving and other-saving. Once fire occurs, we knew the proper way to save lives.
The second part is actual combat. We knew the classification of fire extinguishers and how to use them.
Through this fire drill, staffs had learned fire knowledge again, which ensured our actions up to standard, made us pay more attention to our small behaviors and checked regularly.
In company, what we should do to avoid the fire disaster is more important to us, such as: checking circuits regularly, avoiding many electrical plugs in one power strip, turning off the main power after work and so on.
Fire is important to our life, but if we do not pay attention to it, there would be a disaster. So from now on, we should change our bad habits and take preventive measures.