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Grouting Rock Anchor’s Safety Factors & Timely Monitor

Two kinds of safety factors should be considered during design of grouting rock anchor: one is for anchorage body design, another one is for anchor bar’s sectional dimension design. Anchorage body design should consider uncertain factors and degree of risk, such as variation of rock soil layer contribution, reliable of construction technology, durability of material and requirements of surrounding environment. The value of grouting rock anchor depends on length of service and effect degree after destruction.

To ensure the safety of grouting rock anchor’s construction, timely monitor is necessary for stability of engineering in its lifetime. The functions of monitor are:
1. Predicting steady state of engineering in time to guarantee safety of workers, machines, materials and surrounding structures.
2. Helping to choose reinforcement, strengthening and support method for engineering support.
3. Providing valid data for technological analysis of engineering support to sum up experience and lessons to guide work.

Period of self drilling rock anchor’s monitor should be considered depending to engineering’s character, rate of deformation, accuracy requirement and geological condition. It should follow the principle of reflecting changing process without omitting change time.

Basing on design requirement or construction schedule, grouting rock anchor’s monitor can be determined daily or several days until completion of construction. Once deformation occurs, monitoring frequency can be increased in time.