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How to Choose the Right Exhibition to Attend?

Recently, Sinorock is choosing exhibition for 2015. We have collected some tips about how to choose the right exhibition. Please see below.

1. Ascertain your brand marketing objectives.
Exhibitions are excellent marketing platforms but they can’t be used for every marketing objective. So ascertain your brand marketing objectives at first, and then choose the exhibition that helps your enterprise to meet its brand marketing objectives. The more objectives it can help you to achieve, the better.

2. Consider timing.
Consider timing means that you should consider several questions: What other events are scheduled for the same time as the show and will they impact attendance? Is the exhibition time fit for your own schedule? Do you have enough time to prepare the exhibition?

3. Think about the exhibition relevance.
The exhibition you choose must be relevance to your industry. There is no point for a clothing retail enterprise to participate in ICT Africa as the exhibition is not relevant to its sector. However affordable an exhibition may be, if it is not relevant to your industry, do not participate in it.

4. Pay attention to the exhibition organisers.
The reputation of exhibition organisers is very important when deciding which exhibition to participate in. The more reputable an organiser is, the higher the chances of a successful exhibition. Talk to other entrepreneurs who have participated in the exhibition that you wish to participate in, and use their experiences in helping you to decide whether or not to participate.

5. Participating costs.
Participating costs are also a major criterion in selecting an exhibition to participate in. Especially when you are choosing an exhibition abroad, the fee will be more expensive and more important. An exhibition may have the potential to help you to attain your brand marketing goals, but if it is out of reach, it will not help you. A combination of high potential and affordability is what every entrepreneur always wishes for.

6. Choose your space wisely.
Every show is unique and there are many variables affecting direction, volume and quality of traffic past your display. Be familiar with the floor plan. Consider how close you want to be to the main attractions, industry leaders, competitors, restrooms, food stations, entrances, exits, escalators/elevators/lifts, windows or seminar sites. Avoid obstructing columns, low ceilings, dead-end aisles, loading docks and freight doors, dark/poorly lit spaces, ceiling water pipes, late set-up areas or "black spots" on the floor plan.

Exhibition is a useful way to promote products to abroad. It takes much time and energy. Study the exhibition deeply before you make a decision. Hope the tips above will be helpful.

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