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How to Support High Slope with Self Drilling Hollow Rock Bolt?

The stability of the high slope is mainly determined by the geological conditions of the slope formed in the natural environment, as well as the acquired artificial transformation and other factors. The fractured section of the rock mass on the high slope has the characteristics of broken rock formation, high risk factor, and difficulty in supporting. When choosing the supporting method, it is necessary to choose a supporting method with strong penetrating force and good anchoring effect. Introduce how to support the broken section of high slope rock mass.


Characteristics of High-Slope Rock Mass Crushing Section

It is very common for the slump in the upper part of the broken section of the rock mass on the high slope to cause hole collapse or stuck drill. Since the drill bit will be stuck in the narrow part, it is necessary to check whether the drill hole is displaced frequently during support and timely Adjustment. High-slope rock fragmentation will cause high-abrasive support difficulties. Ordinary drill pipes are also prone to drilling difficulties when they pass through these formations. Self-drilling hollow rock bolts are equipped with various types of drill bits, which are highly matched with the properties of rock formations and soil, which can improve drilling efficiency.

R32 Self Drilling Hollow Bar

Supporting Method for Broken Section of Rock Mass on High Slope

Self-drilling hollow rock bolts can complete drilling, bolt installation, grouting, anchoring and other processes in one construction process. Compared with conventional drill pipes, self-drilling hollow bolts are equipped with a variety of drill bits, including " There are various types of cross all-steel drill bits, "mud drill bits", "ball-tooth alloy drill bits", etc., which can be selected according to the properties of different rock layers and soil during construction.

The self-drilling hollow bolt is used in combination with the excavation and modification drilling rig. The construction work area is large and the construction height is high, which can minimize the personal safety risk of the construction personnel. The rod body is made of high-strength alloy seamless threaded steel pipe, which can be cut or lengthened arbitrarily. It has the advantages of simple construction technology, high construction efficiency, and good economic benefits. The problems of shrinking, collapsed holes, and difficulty in forming holes have played a good anchoring effect.

The High Slope Project Overview

Advantages of Self-Drilling Rock Bolts Support

High Stability

The self-drilling rock anchor grouting is grouted from the inside to the outside through the inner hole of the rod. At the same time, the outer end of the anchor hole is provided with a grouting plug and a backing plate, which can effectively prevent the grouting from overflowing. If necessary, pressure grouting can also be carried out, so that the slurry can be diffused to the cracks of the rock and soil around the rod body, and the stability of the rock formation can be improved.

Strong Ability to Cope with The Environment

The self-drilling hollow rock bolt can combine the drill pipe and the hollow bolt body into one, and can be used in the stratum that is weak and broken and difficult to form holes. Ordinary bolts generally need to be drilled in advance and then released, and the hole is often collapsed when the drill pipe is pulled out, and the coping ability is poor. Therefore, in the face of weak and broken rock mass construction, the self-drilling hollow rock bolt has a stronger ability to cope with the environment.

The Construction Process Is Simple

The self-drilling hollow rock bolt integrates drilling, bolt installation, and grouting. All construction procedures are completed in one process, reducing the process of pulling out the drill pipe, installing the bolt and inserting the grouting pipe, and the process is simple. High construction efficiency.

Good Anchoring Effect

Self-drilling anchor bolt system can fill cracks, consolidate rock mass and soil layer through pressure grouting, and has good grouting spreading radius and reliable anchoring quality.

Self-drilling rock bolt is a new type of support material, which can improve construction efficiency and reduce comprehensive construction costs, and is widely used in high-slope support construction.