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Joint Support of Anchoring, shotcreting and Mental Net

Anchor bolt and shotcrete have their advantages and disadvantages. But their combination can complement each other and then form a supporting pattern with better property.
Joint support of anchoring and mental net is a supporting pattern by fixing mental net on anchor bolt with layer board. Mental net is used for sustaining surrounding rocks among anchor bolts, preventing small and loose rocks falling, and also used as reinforcing bar of shotcrete. The strained mental net can also have the function of supporting integrity with connecting all anchor bolts.
Sprayed concrete can control rocks’ falling among anchor bolts, but it is frail. When deformation is large, it is easy to happen cracking and spalling. One of the solutions is to install metal net before spraying concrete. Then entire layer of reinforced concrete is formed, which can enhance concrete’s integrity, improve tensile property of spray layer and support loose, broken and weak stratum.