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Lagos - Calabar Coastal Railway

Nigeria coastal railway project is from Lagos to Calabar, totally running through 10 states and oil-producing region in Niger River delta. Overall length is 1402 kilometers, it has 22 stations and designed speed per hour is 120 kilometers with standard gauge.
Nigeria coastal railway is the key component of national railway arteries of communication planning and West Africa community railway network. After completion, it will accelerate to play engine function of regional development and economic growth, also, it has important strategic significance for constructing Africa coastal economic corridor.
In Nigeria, terrain of north area is high and south is low. There is about 80-kilometer-wide banding plain along the coast. Low mountain and hills are distributed in south and altitude of most areas is 200-500 meters.
Nigeria is a country in which China helps to construct the most infrastructural projects in Africa. Since 1995, China has helped rebuild 4500-kilometer railway and nowadays is building modernized railway and urban light rail.
China adopts advanced construction technology to help other countries to construct convenient transport facilities. And SDA bolt is the universal applied supporting method in the world recent years. It is widely used in ground reinforcement, slope protection and tunnel support.