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Metro Line 1 Tunnel in Hefei

September 15, with the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) breaking through soil at Dadongmen Station, metro line 1 left tunnel in Hefei had been completed.
The overall length of metro line 1 left tunnel is about 3,067 meters, from Taihu Road Station to Dadongmen Station. There are still 730 meters left to dig in right tunnel, and it is predicted that the whole tunnel will be opened to traffic in the middle of December.
Metro line 1 tunnel is located in the downtown area, close to Nanfei River, so construction environment is complex and difficulty is big. During the process of construction, TBM had passed through Nanyihuan Tunnel, Shiyongmen Bridge, Nanfei River and several underground geologic abnormal places successively. Different compound strata, such as Medium weathered rocks, strong weathered rocks and fine sandstone, exist beside this project.
Because of complex construction environment and various underground pipelines, Hefei railway company invited experts to organize, plan, manage and construct this project. To avoid risk, high-quality products were also used.
The opening of this tunnel has not only laid a solid foundation for trial operation, but also provided a mount of technical materials and construction experiences for the later projects.
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