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Overview of grouting rock bolt | Sinorock

Rock bolt is a contemporary basic component among mine roadway, it reinforces the roadway surrounding rock together, so the surrounding rock can support itself. Now, rock bolts are not only used in mining, but also in engineering technology. It’s the main reinforcement on the slope, tunnels, dams.

There are three major ways of anchoring the rock bolts: mechanical, grouted, and friction. Today we introduce the grouting rock bolt. The most common grout-anchored rock bolt is the fully grouted rebar, a steel threaded bar. Grouting rock bolt is a new product based on the actual demands of our engineering, like slope control projects and coal mine tunnel engineering. Now the main products are common hollow anchor bolt, self-drilling rock bolt, expansion shell rock bolt and combination hollow bolt.

Grouting rock bolt adopts hollow design, put the hole of hollow bar as high-pressure geomantic channel and grouting channel. Compared with the solid bar, hollow bar has better rigidity and shear strength. The surface of hollow bar is thread structure with full-length standard pitch, it's easy for welding and connecting. Compared with the smooth rod, it increases the bonding area and grouting material, then enhancing the anchoring force.