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Quality Month Activity

On Jun. 23rd ,2015, the mobilization meeting of Sinorock Quality Month Activity was held in Luoyang. At the same time, our Changzhou factory also held the mobilization meeting.

From June to August, these 3 months are Sinorock’s Quality Month Activity. The purpose of this activity is to improve quality consciousness of the whole staff. The theme of this activity is “Everyone has responsibility to improve the quality, meet the demand, keep improving, and strive for perfection.” A series of activities are carrying out in intense but orderly.

The Mobilization Meeting of Sinorock Quality Month Activity

On the mobilization meeting, the general manager Wang of Sinorock declared that Quality Month Activity was started. The leader of Quality Inspection Department analyzed resent customer complaints about quality, and appealed that, quality assurance should be carried out by every department. And everyone should take part in this activity, to look for quality problems and give suggestions for improvement.

Training and exams

A new upsurge of learning was set off in this activity. All the departments including Changzhou factory devoted themselves to set up a sense of quality, improve workers’ quality consciousness, and give training and exams of quality to workers.

On Jun. 26th ,there was an exam for information of products held in Marketing Center. The content of this exam contains number, name, model, and material of every product. Everyone prepared actively and got a satisfactory result. Among them, Bella Wang had a better performance. She got 89 percents and ranked first in this exam.

From Jul. 1st to 3rd, training of techniques was held in Changzhou factory. This is not only a training, but also a discussion about questions of quality. Everyone speaks his mind freely.

Skills Competition in Changzhou Factory

On Jul. 7th, skills competition started in Changzhou

This competition is composed of 5 projects. It contains dismantling, assembling, servicing maintaining and operation of triaxial rolling machine, saw, and chamfering machine etc.

Except Marketing Center and Changzhou factory, the other departments’ activities are ongoing as well.