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SDA applying in Warsaw Metro Line 2 Construction

The Warsaw Metro (Polish: Metro Warszawskie) is a rapid transit system serving the city of Warsaw, the capital of Poland. It currently consists of two lines, the north-south Line 1 that links central Warsaw with its densely populated northern and southern suburbs, and the east-west Line 2.

Warsaw Metro Line 2 will be a 19km-long route with 19 stations running in the east-west direction. On April 30th, construction on Szwedzka station started, and on May 2nd the other two stations also started construction. Construction of this phase took 3 years and was opened in mid of 2019. Initially, this extension was to be built at the same time as the west extension but due to delays it was decided that each extension will be built at its own pace.

SDA bolt is often applying in the pre-support of the tunnel in metros to replace the conventional anchoring method. In tunnel construction, the main function of self drilling anchor bolt is to reinforce rock mass, and improve the stability of surrounding rock, give full play to rock self-supporting ability, and control the deformation and rock collapse of surrounding rock. Compared to the traditional support, Sinorock SDA bolt has been widely applied in the world tunnel construction for its notable features as well as the technical and economic benefit.