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Self Drilling Anchor Applied to Spillway Tunnel for Soyang Dam

The Soyang River raises in the Sulak mountains and ranks among Korea’s most famous sightseeing attractions. Because of the area’s beautiful scenery, a tourism and recreation area has developed around the Soyang Lake. Many people like to go there on daily excursions.

The Soyang Multipurpose Dam is 123 m high, 530 m long and has a volume of 9,600,000 m3. The reservoir holds 290 million m3. The electric power station at the base of the dam has a capacity of 200,000 kWh. It is a milestone in Korean civil engineering and construction.

To avoid possible floods caused by unusually heavy and long rain falls an additional overflow spillway had to be built. Therefore, the owner decided to build additional discharge or spillway tunnels.

The discharge of the two new spillway tunnels is located in a very steep slope that had to be stabilized elaborately. To stabilize the steep slope and guarantee the safety, R32 self drilling anchor was used in the construction. Self drilling anchor combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together. The self drilling anchor technology is simple, easy, reliable. It is veryapplicable to slope support for loose rock and soil.

The use of self drilling anchor bar in the poor geological conditions for slope reinforcement will obviously speed up construction progress and save project cost. Moreover, self drilling anchor will successfully solve the problems of hole collapse encountered in the sand layer and weathered strata, and drilling difficulties of rock bolt and cable bolt. Because of its unique construction technology and lots of advantages, self drilling anchor is well worth popularizing and applying.