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Self-drilling anchor bar speeds up tunnel construction-Sinorock

The Ceneri Base Tunnel (CBT) is a railway base tunnel under construction in Switzerland's Canton Ticino. It will pass under Monte Ceneri between Camorino in the Magadino Flat and Vezia near Lugano, and will bypass the current high-level rail route through the Monte Ceneri Tunnel.

It is composed of two single-track tunnels, each length is 15.4 km. It is another part of the Swiss AlpTransit initiative NRLA. The final breakthroughs took place on 21st January 2016 (west tube) and 26th January 2016 (east tube) and the tunnel is expected to open in December 2020.

After completion, the CBT will be an important feeder in the south for the Gotthard Base Tunnel as the existing, proportionally steep track over Monte Ceneri isn't suitable for high-speed rail or heavy freight trains. Another feeder is the Luino link along Lake Maggiore which is about to be upgraded by Italy in the prospect of the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Both links meet in the Magadino Flat in the future Camorino Node.

Complementing the Gotthard Base Tunnel which was inaugurated earlier this year, the Ceneri Base Tunnel will enable the fastest journey time between Zürich and Milano to be cut to under 3h.

Effective support technology is a critical issue in tunnel construction. It is very necessary to popularize and apply an anchor system with simple operation and high anchoring quality. Sinorock® self-drilling anchor bar is an advanced anchor system, which has the functions of drilling, grouting, and anchoring together. It can solve the hole collapse problem when drilling and ensure the grouting effect under the complicated geological conditions. The self-drilling hollow anchor bolt can be arbitrarily cut and lengthened. Therefore, self drilling anchor bolt is suitable for the construction in the narrow space which the large equipment can not enter. It can be used for pre-construction support and can effectively enhance the stability of soil and rock mass.