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Self Drilling Anchor Bolt Applied to Hydroelectric Project

Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt can be used in tunneling, mining, hydroelectric station and civil construction. Among all the applications, hydroelectric stations are the majority. Up to now, Sinorock products have been used in Malaysia Hulu Hydroelectric Station, Nepal Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project, Baihetan Hydroelectric Station, and so on.

As one of the important support in hydroelectric project, anchor bolt support plays an important role in keeping the constructions stable, especially in fault zones. Anchor supporting is the generic terms of anchor bolt which consists of anchor bolt and spraying net.

There are some steps on how to install the anchor bolt.

Before working, we need to prepare the anchor bolts and machines. The anchor bolts must be reach the quality of international standard as well as the demands. During the transportation of anchor bolts, workers should use rubber to prevent them from destroying.

Workers need to mark the anchor bar’s position. Before drilling the hole, they also need to check up the anchor bar. After check up it, they need to stop grouting plug and plate.

Grouting. Before grouting, they should prepare the material ready. Put the grouting pipe in the hollow anchor bar. And making the grouting liquid in accordance with demands. Then putting the grouting pipe into the hollow anchor bar.