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Self Drilling Anchor in High-Slope Protective Engineering of Railway

In high-slope protective engineering of railway, it is easy to occur slip and destruction along shearing surface. To keep stable of slope, there are two ways: one is to cut slopes for reaching stable; the other one is to install retaining structures. While the first way is not economical or practical, so self drilling anchor is a quite convenient and safe method for reinforcement.
At about the early 20th century, self drilling anchor had been developed and employed. So far, many countries and regions have formulated standard and specification of it. It is widely used in mine roadway, railway tunnel, highway tunnel and drainage tunnel, etc. Recent years, with the rapid development of high-rise buildings and railway engineering, the technology of self drilling anchor is widely used for reinforcement in foundation pit, slope and landslide, etc.
Self drilling anchor is a structural system transferring tension to stable stratum or soil layer. It consists of anchor head, free segment and anchorage section, which can effectively control slide, collapse and destruction. In high-slope protective engineering of railway, self drilling anchor’s install position, inclination should be designed correctly to resist slope’s instability and destruction.
Adopting the method of self drilling anchor with sprayed concrete, drilling, grouting and anchoring function can combine together, safe, high-efficient and easy to operate.