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Self Drilling Hollow Bar in Fractured Rock Mass

During construction of hydroelectric station project, self drilling hollow bar provides a new method for dealing with unstable slope. It can be used broadly in slope protection, slope reinforcement, foundation pit retaining wall, riverbank reinforcement, pipe-roof protection and stake foundation, etc.
If rock mass is small and broken, it is easy to appear pipe-sticking, collapse and pinhole closure. So to strengthen slope’s permanency, stability and security, self drilling hollow bar is adopted in supporting slope.
As a new construction technology, new process and new methodology, self drilling hollow bar has its unique advantages on both structure and construction thought:
1. It combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together, installs fast and conveniently.
2. Didn’t need to install self drilling hollow bar only, nor casing pipe.
3. Grout-returning structure in bottom helps to optimize grouting effect and reform surrounding rocks.
4. As for all stratum, installation direction is almost the same, technology is easy to master.
5. Various forms of drill bit can adapt for different stratum.
6. Self drilling hollow bar can be used not only for borehole flushing, but also for grouting and anchoring.
7. Self drilling hollow bar can be cut and connected arbitrarily to meet different designed length.
8. Overall length thread adding with plate and nut is convenient for being prestressed.
9. Construction machine is small and light, so it can work in narrow places.
10. From production to installation, quality is easy to guaranteed.