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Self Drilling Rock Bolt Application And Construction Technology Process

Self drilling rock bolt combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together. It ensures the anchoring effect in complex ground conditions, including soft rock, soil layer and fault zone, etc. It’s reliable, efficient and simple. Self drilling rock bolt focuses on the flexible supporting system close to the rock surface to play its own strength, suppress deformation and restore stress state of the surrounding rock.
(1)Anchor bar is also a drill pipe. It can drill holes in the weathered rock, broken rock, backfilling area, sand, clay and boulder without casing pipe, and ensure the anchoring and grouting effect. It’s simple, fast and time saving, which can save 25% of the workload and reduce the cost of the project.
(2) Efficient grouting, filling fractures, consolidating rock and soil and controlling groundwater, it has good grouting spread radius and reliable anchoring quality.
(3) The anchor bar with standard full thread can be cut according to your requirement. The cut anchor bar can be connected by couplers. It’s suitable in narrow work space. Meanwhile, due to the continuous R-thread and T-thread, self drilling rock bolt has higher bonding stress than smooth steel pipe.
(4) It is mainly used for broken rock, loose soil, weathering rock, sediment layer and complex formations which are difficult to drill holes. It can efficiently support and improve the surrounding rock and achieve an ideal supporting effect when used for fore support and radial support in the tunnel and all kinds of slope treatment works.

Self Drilling Rock Bolt Construction Technology Process

Erect Construction Platform→Level Ground→Repair Sidewalk

Connect Pipes & Wires

Start Air Compressor & DTH Drilling Rig

Install Shank Adapter→Drill Holes→Lengthen Anchor Bar→Connect Coupler

Mix Materials→Start Mortar Mixer→Add Water&Additives

Connect Grouting Joint→Connect Stop Grouting Plug→Grout→Start Air Compressor

Connect Plate

Connect Nut

Remove Platform&Shelf→Clean Site→Finish Work→Remove Machine→Remove Pipes & Wires