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Self Drilling Rock Bolt Support Is No Need Gunite or Shotcrete

Self-drilling rock bolts are the most efficient supporting method for severely fractured or weathered rock formations. Unlike the traditional hollow bolts, during the construction process of self-drilling rock bolts, there is no need for gunite or shotcrete unless the rock surface is badly broken.

Sinorock self drilling rock bolt components

So, what is gunite or shotcrete? How do they work? How do self-drilling rock bolts work? These are what we will talk about today.

Sprayed Concrete

Including gunite and shotcrete, sprayed concrete is a very fast hardening method that is used to support underground mining and stabilize the loose slopes.


Gunite is a dry sprayed method that hardens the work surface. Usually, it is used before the start of the whole construction to strengthen the surface. The slurry will be premixed in a dry or semidry state and sent to the nozzle where the water will be added to the slurry.



More often being used when we need a higher quality concrete surface on the rock formations. Due to its heavy weight, a mechanized nozzle is needed. One or two workers can hardly hold it. When mixing the materials, we can also add fibers to get a more stable, better durability, and higher ultimate load structure.


Self-Drilling Rock Bolts

What Are Self-Drilling Rock Bolts?

Self-drilling rock bolt is a presupport system that is frequently used to reinforce the loose slopes, broken foundations, and mining excavations and tunnels.

It mainly consists of a sacrificial drill bit, a hollow threaded bar, a plate, a nut, a centralizer, and a coupler. There are two types of threads for the hollow bar, r thread, and t thread, which can be cut at any position or extended with a coupler to meet the requirement.

The self-drilling rock bolt system is safe, efficient, and convenient. It is suitable for broken rock, loose soil, and geological conditions where is difficult to drill holes. It can be used as temporary or permanent support for many constructions.

Self drilling rock bolt

How Do Self-Drilling Rock Bolts Work?

The self-drilling rock bolt will keep drilling till the designed depth. With simultaneous grouting, we can get a full-length bonded structure. The self-drilling rock bolt is a passive support system. When the anchorage is completed, the self-drilling rock bolts will support the rock mass once the rock mass has a little move.

Why Are the Self-Drilling Rock Bolts Popular in Geological Support?

The self-drilling rock bolt is mainly used for tunnel and underground engineering, slope engineering, and ground and foundation engineering. It can be used for pre-construction support and can effectively enhance the stability of soil and rock mass.

Simultaneously drill, grout, and anchor. No need for entangling tubes. No risks of holes collapsing.

Dozens of drill bits are available for different surrounding rock grades. Just select the right one.

Good corrosion resistance so that it can be applied to support harbors, wharves, and other similar projects.