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Sinorock, Creating the Internationalized Working Environment

During October, 2015, for creating the Halloween atmosphere, Sinorock had not only made beautiful computer desktop background, but also decorated our working environment with wallpapers, which combined our products with Halloween pictures. They have shown our internationalized standard and promoted the publicity of our culture.

Sinorock is a fast-growing company with the going-out strategy of China. We have not only outstanding achievement, advanced technology and reliable quality, but also special company cultures. Company culture can cohere people on the aspect of thought, regulate people on the aspect of behavior and enhance people on the aspect of quality.

Good working environment is a main part of company culture and a foundation for values to be formed. Staffs can not communicate and trust with each other without good working environment.

Sinorock transfers Halloween culture in the form of wallpaper, because it is environmental and it can bring the internationalized culture environment. Also, wallpapers patterned with Halloween pictures can relax staffs’ boring and nervous feelings and they can make staffs work in a comfortable and pleasant environment, then improve their working efficiency.