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Sinorock ground anchor is best solution for soil structure

Ground anchors were one of the first applications of Freyssinet's technologies. In 1939, Eugène Freyssinet used
prestressed anchors, together with flat jacks, to stabilise the Beni Bahdel dam in Algeria.
Ever since, technological developments have pushed back the boundaries in this field. The realm of possibilities has increased significantly, enabling
both designers and builders to safely and effectively overcome the technical challenges inherent in the environment.
Conscious of the trends shaping demand and the market, Sinorock has considerably expanded its geotechnical engineering range over the past
few years.
With more than 7 years' experience in soil structure, together with an accredited production force that complies with international standards,
Sinorock designs, manufactures and supports companies on-site.
We can draw on our expertise at every stage in the process to deliver superior performance and future-proof our work.
Sinorock can provide its expertise and skills to drive your current and future projects:
1 Self drilling ground anchors are developed and then manufactured in modern workshops by skilled workers. Quality is the keyword at every stage in the manufacturing process, and all products undergo exhaustive tests to guarantee best-in-class
2 Sinorock offers anchoring solutions and associated services to companies engineering special foundations and carrying out strengthening work to ensure structural stability and reinforce the ground.
3 Sinorock can advise companies and project managers on structural design,installation methods and specialised technologies. Because each customer is unique, our group of experts provides you with exactly the right solutions for
your requirements.
A key player in geotechnics, we pursue an active research and development
policy, and our main aim is to gain a clear insight into each customer's requirements in a bid to deliver the best-fit solutions