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Sinorock Held a Sport Meeting to Welcome the New Year

In the afternoon of the last day of 2014, Sinorock held a fierce sport meeting to welcome the new year on the playground in front of the office building.Everyone was excited.

The whole staff was divided into four groups. Every group selected their headman and decided an unique name for their team to encourage themselves. There were four sport games in all. Each game valued certain scores. The team which got highest scores would be the champion.

First, every team chose two persons, then they were to run with one ball nipped between their backs just like two crabs. Second, every team needed to select two other person , too. One was to throw the small dolls, and the other was to catch it with a a little bucket, standing in a circle three meters away. Third, four-person relay race. What was the most different was everyone should jump in a sack. The final mach is a tug of war.

This sport meeting was so interesting and enjoyable! Everyone took part in it actively. We spent the last day of 2014 and welcomed the year of 2015 in cheers and laughter. We wished not only ourselves but our company would have a bright future!