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Sinorock held training of the self drilling anchor bolt construction method

On the March 7th, Sinorock held training session of the self drilling anchor bolt construction method by the research and development center, and the all members of marketing center attended. It indicates that our company adhere to creating learning-style team.

Self drilling anchor bolt system is mainly used for slope stabilization, foundation with micro piles and tunneling, it’s also widely used in the railway system, metro project, etc. It can be installed in sites with weak rocks, loose soil, weathered layer, sand with stone layer and so difficult to create a hole in complex formation. The unconsolidated ground condition favor the self drilling anchor bolt technique for fast and simple method of installed compared to the traditional method. Self drilling anchor bolt has two performance: drilling and grouting. It features a hollow bore for flushing, or simultaneous drilling and grouting.The size of self drilling anchor bolt holes is between 40mm to 130mm, which depends on anchor bolt size you have chosen. Anchor bars with full thread can be connected easily to the length you need.

Everyone listened to it and took notes very carefully. This training will absolutely not only add to understanding of our main products and the current situation of industry but also improve marketing center’s professional competence to serve the customers better.