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Sinorock holds the blackboard newspaper competition

In order to improve staff’s product quality consciousness, quality monitoring team decided to hold the blackboard newspaper competition.

Quality monitoring team announced the rules of the competition. The following are rules:
Firstly, we need to follow the principle of openness and fairness.
Secondly, each of the two departments makes up one group and they make the blackboard newspaper respectively to compete.
Thirdly, the rest four departments, each department picks out two staffs to vote and the department that gets the more votes wins.
Fourthly, after three groups compete completely ended, the department that gets the most votes is the winner. Winning department will get reward from the quality monitoring team.

According to the activity arrangements, the second group is producing center and quality center. The theme is “technical exchange, improve the quality of products”. There are two pictures are made by two departments respectively. Producing center’s work is very simple, the theme is quality is the life of the enterprise. They use a philosophical story that tells us subsequent control is inferior to in-processing control, in-processing control is inferior to prior control. The work of the quality center is very comfortable. The theme of his work is “full participation, continue to improve the quality of products”. They persist that perfect quality, customer first. While the last group is still preparing. We hope they can give us a surprise.

The results of the competition will be announced at the early May. We will continue tracking reports for your perusal in the next issue about the last two departments’ competition. Please focus on our website.