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Sinorock® hosted table tennis events

Most companies recently realize the importance of employees’ health and welfare, they enrich the lives of employees by providing activities such as table tennis. These forward-thinking companies organize interesting and competitive corporate events to encourage their employees to interact with each other during these activities.

In order to enrich the cultural life of the company's employees, popularize a healthy lifestyle, Sinorock® held the table tennis competition on June 1st. More than 50 people registered for the event, which are divided into men's singles, women's singles and women's doubles. The scene of the competition was full of enthusiasm, and the players were all passionate.

After a fierce competition, the champion was born and got awarded prizes.

Sinorock® provided a platform for table tennis enthusiasts to exchange experiences and learn about skills. Not only to take exercise, but also enhanced each other's relations, strengthened the cohesion of employees, and created a harmonious working environment.