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Sinorock is Building Its Own Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is importmant to a company. Normally, corporate culture has four functions like below:

1. Guidance function. The distinctive corporate culture can direct the behavior of employees. When a new employee joins the company, the corporate culture can help him to fit the team as soon as possible.

2. Recognition function. According to function 1, we know that corporate culture impact one's behavior greatly. Thus, through the behavior of a person, you can judge that if he is belong to a company.

3. Cohesion function. With a complete corporate culture, all the staff will have a same goal. They can work hard to reach the same goal. Then the managerial job will be easier.

4. Influenced function. Good corporate culture will influence the staff themselves, their friends and families, even the society. For example, Google has a good corporate culture, then many other companies learn from it. It has great influence to the society.

Sinorock has more than 100 staff, it is urgent to build its own corporate culture. In the future, it will take measures to improve the work efficiency, the happiness level of employees.