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Sinorock provides geotechnical anchoring engineering solutions

With the advancement of geotechnical technology, more and more projects use self-drilling anchor system for support. The hollow anchor bar is hollow and the surface has a complete thread. It can be used not only as a drill pipe, but also grouting.

Installing the drill bit on the front of the bar, and pouring the cement slurry after the drilling, which makes it flow out from the inside to the outside. Self-drilling anchor system is particularly suitable for weak soil. In such cases, drilling with a grout fluid serves the purpose of flushing spoils from the hole and prevents looser, surrounding material from collapsing due to the higher relative density of the grout. Sinorock self-drilling anchors should be considered on any project requiring fast production because it need not involve a casing system to maintain borehole stability.

Sinorock self-drilling anchor system performs fast and effective anchoring in all types of soil. Sinorock is an experienced manufacturer of the self-drilling anchors with more than ten years' production experience.

Sinorock self-drilling anchors are ideal for micropiles, soil nails, and ground anchors in different ground conditions like weathered and decomposed rock, round gravel, sand, and clay soils for either permanent or temporary use. Our mission is to be the preferred supplier of geotechnical anchoring solutions and products in the world. We exist to develop and provide innovative geo-support products and solutions with exceptional service and lasting quality.