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Sinorock Quality Month Activity is Continued

On Jul. 21st, the institutional exam of the whole company was held in the administrative area in Luoyang.

To respond the call of Quality Month Activity, Colligation and Management Department organized an institutional exam of the whole company. The exam was held at 17:00-18:00, Jul 21st. The whole staff include workers in Luoyang factory have taken part in this exam. Before this exam, everyone prepared actively and hope to have a good performance.

On Jul. 22nd, the scores of this exam was shown, Financial Department won the first with a high score of 76.10. Purchasing Department and Marketing Center were followed to be No. 2 and No. 3.

In this exam, everyone feels that they were back to their childhood. And everyone knows the institution better.

Sinorock Quality Month Activity is ContinuedSinorock Quality Month Activity is Continued

On Jul. 24th, A Quality Training was Held by Quality Department

At 9 o’clock, the staff of Marketing Center attended the quality training that held by Quality Department.

In this training, Master Li introduced the processes of inspecting anchor bolts and accessories. Even she brought some tools to show the operation of inspection. Everyone was actively to try how to inspect.

The practical test of inspection was held on Jul. 30th, there are 6 girls from Marketing Center took part in the test. The assessment project and the test order were determined by drawing cuts.

During testing, they looked cool-headed and careful in every process, no matter it is tool selection or measuring. The judges are 3 colleagues from Quality Department. They marked and commented fairly.

On August 3rd, the marks of the practical test of inspection was shown, Jessie Xiong got No.1 with a high score of 185. Bella Wang and Betty Hu got No.2 and No.3.

After this quality training and test, we know all the procedures of inspection clearly, and improve our sales’ ability of quality inspection, meanwhile, we are more confident that our products are reliable.

Sinorock Quality Month Activity is Continued

Sinorock Blackboard Newspaper PK Has Lasted for 1 Month.

Sinorock held the blackboard newspaper PK in July. For the 5 weeks, every department has make their blackboard newspaper in turn. The theme of their blackboard newspaper is Quality. In August, there will be a competition of blackboard newspaper among all the departments.

Which department can get No.1? Let's looking forward to it.

There are much more activities are carrying out, the above activities are only a small part.