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Sinorock Staff Attended Training of Safety Knowledge

In order to improve the fire fighting awareness, Sinorock invited an instructor to give staff a training of safety knowledge today.

At the beginning of the training, Instructor Qian showed us a video about how terrible the fire is. There are many fires happen everyday. So we must be alert to the fire.

After that, Instructor Qian told us the characteristics of the fire so that we can have a better understand of it. Fires are often caused by electric, oil, and gas. Once fires happen, they spread very fast and can't be put out easily. So the first thing we should do is to prevent it. There are many details we should pay attention to:
1. Don't charge the cellphone and electric motorcar for too long time.
2. Don't use an aging electrical socket.
3. Take care when cooking.

Once the fire happens, we should try to fight fire as far as possible. Instructor Qian taught us how to use extinguisher. He also told us how to try to fight when we don't have an extinguisher. If we can put out the fire at the beginning, a tragedy can be avoided.

But if we can't control the fire, we should escape as fast as possible. Here are some advice:
1. Find the exit passageway.
2. Use a gas mask to protect us from the dense smoke and poison gas.
3. Life is the most important. Don't try to save things when you are struggling with a big fire.

Through the training, we get the methods to prevent fire and fight fire. Hope everyone has a safe life.