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Soil Nailing Principle for Slope Stabilization

Soil and Rock nailing is a construction method used to maintain or enhance the stability of the Soil or Rock by installing reinforcing elements (nails) by principals for the execution of geotechnical works. Nailing forms a retaining structure of reinforced soil or rock mass with which the nail is predominantly subjected to tensile stress. In addition, it may also be subjected to bending and shear stresses.

The design of soil/rock nailing solutions for slopes generally favor installation angles from 0° - 30° downwards from the horizontal and depending on the stress situation a standard nail drilling pattern of 1 to 3 m c/c in the longitudinal and vertical direction for the extent of the slope. Soil nail lengths can normally vary from 4 to 15 meters. The conventional method of installation involves drilling the self-drilling anchor bolt with air or water flush to the design depth and then in a second phase, independent of drilling, a grout adapter is added and a cement-based grout mix is injected through the hollow core to exit at the bottom of the borehole and then return upwards to fill the annulus, thus providing once cured for the transfer of tension load from the soil/rock formation to the hollow anchor bar.

Sinorock® self drilling anchor bar is widely used as soil nailing wall supporting. The main application areas are: Above the groundwater table, artificial fills after artificial precipitation, the pit supporting and slope reinforcement of cohesive soil and weak cementation sand stone, such as pit or shaft retaining, retaining wall and the stabilization of the slope surface. Sinorock® adopts the advanced production equipment and stringent quality control procedures, to ensure that we can provide customers low-cost, and high-quality construction materials, so that the equipment used in the construction is safe and efficient. Meanwhile, we devote ourselves to provide clients with the system solution for geotechnical anchoring.