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Stragtegy Meeting of Sinorock

Yesterday afternoon, we have a strategy meeting about June. On this meeting, we talked about 3 things.

1. An important task of June is holding the Quality Month activity. Quality is the life of an enterprise. We must do our best to improve the quality of products and service to meet the demands of our customers. Only in this way, can our company develop well.

2. Improving the management system and workflow system of our company. In recent several months, we have made management system and workflow system. With this two systems, we can make our team more professional and our work more efficient. So in this month, we will perfect the systems to improve work efficiency further.

3. Changing the assessment method. At the end of a week, employees should make a plan for next week. We call it "Weekly Plan". Weekly plan is useful. It can guide our work to be more methodical, save our time and improve the work efficiency.