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Support System for Deep Foundation Excavation

Deep foundation excavation project is developing towards great depth, large area, high technology and big difficulty. It is usually constructed in dense building group and restricted by place, surrounding buildings, underground pipelines, etc. Safe slope has not enough room, so it is limit for deep foundation’s stabilization and deformation control. Large scale excavation and support system should be designed to ensure construction go on wheels.

Deep foundation excavation is temporary, if support system is not rational, it will probably cause severe consequence. According to different soil texture condition, construction technology, equipment level, choosing rational and economic supporting structural concept is always an important content in researching support problem of deep foundation excavation projects.

Deep foundation excavation and support project combines a multiple system project. And construction period of deep foundation excavation is longer.

In contrast, anchor bolt for rock reinforcement is a supporting method with higher efficiency, higher reliability, more obvious supporting effect and more extensive application. It can reinforce surrounding slope and prevent deformation, settlement, deformation and collapse effectively.