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Tanabata Festival

Tanabata Festival, also named the Begging Festival, is the most romantic festival of China, so it is also called Chinese Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated on July 7th of the lunar calendar every year. In this year, it is on the August 2nd of the Gregorian calendar.

Tanabata Festival is originated from the legend of Cowhand and Weaver Maid in China. According to the legend, Cowhand and Weaver Maid are living in two sides of the Milky Way. They can meet each other only once a year, on the day of July 7th. When the day comes, there are many magpies flying to the Milky Way and then make up a bridge, so they can meet each other.

Pray for cleverness
In the old age, women prayed for cleverness at the night of Tanabata Festival. Usually, women made sacrifices of fruits and wine to pray cleverness. They think Weaver Maid was the most intelligent girl and they could get cleverness from her.

Eat fried thin paste
In all the seasonal food for Tanabata Festival, fried thin paste is the most famous. It is made from flour and honey. There are many different patterns on the paste.

With the passage of time, Tanabata Festival has changed into a festival that is about love, flower, chocolate and romance. It is usually celebrated by lovers. Now it is the most popular traditional festival for young people.