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Tata Projects completes first stretch of tunnelling with self drilling anchor

Tata Projects Ltd has announced that it has completed the Lucknow Secretariat to Hazratgunj underground tunnel boring work for the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation.
This was achieved in a seamless, disruption-free manner and in a short period of five months. The 812 metre-tunnel work was executed as an EPC project. This is part of the 3.67-km Lucknow Metro Rail Track project estimated to cost Rs 1,190 crore.
The 75-metre-long Tunnel Boring Machine, Gomti, was deployed for the project. The computerised tunnel guidance system was deployed for the highest level of accuracy.
Tata Projects plans to install Gomti to take up another tunnel work between Sachivalaya and Hussainganj Metro Station as the next part of the construction plan.
Kumar Keshav, Managing Director, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation said, “The tunnelling in this stretch posed an enormous technical challenge as the route passes beneath highly congested areas and basements of commercial establishments, to lay the tracks at a depth of 12 to 15 metres below ground level. With this ‘breakthrough’, LMRC has achieved one of the biggest milestones in the form of completion of the first TBM drive in the construction of underground metro in Uttar Pradesh.
Hyderabad-headquatered Tata Projects is executing the design and construction of the overall underground track of 3.67 km from Charbagh Metro Station to KD Singh Babu Stadium Metro Station. Under the project estimated to cost Rs 1,190 crore, Tata Projects will also construct three underground metro stations at Hussain Ganj, Sachivalaya and Hazratganj.
Sinorock Self drilling anchor bolt is a kind of hollow anchor bolt,which itself as a drill pipe and grouting pipe, the slurry through the hollow bolt from the drill bit to fill the cracks around the anchor bolt in the formation and drill hole, so that the anchor bolt and the surrounding soil solidified into one, which can play the role of reinforcement, it can said that self drilling anchor bolt as the new support technology which put drilling, grouting and anchoring into one function. And it has the characteristics of the extension. so the shorter anchor rod can be used with smaller drilling machine, and the utility model is suitable for construction in the basement, the bridge bottom, the river bank and the narrow environment. Now widely used in tunnels, mines, slopes and other projects. Because it does not need the characteristics of casing, so it is suitable for easy to collapse of the formation, reinforcement of the structure of the grouting filled with cracks and other diseases of the governance.
In the special broken loose rock formation, ordinary anchor and anchor cable is not easy to make holes, and shows the superiority of the self drilling anchor which put drilling, grouting and anchoring into one function and economical superiority compared with the anchor cable. In the reinforcement of existing structures (tunnels, retaining walls, underground continuous wall, etc.), to prevent the rubble due to landslides, burying and sticking accident, do not need casing, simplifying the construction process and improve work efficiency.