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The Application of Sinorock® SDA in Micro pile Foundations

The first Section of the Chengdu Metro Line 19 Project Longqiao Road Station-Shuangliu International Airport Station was excavated to bottom on April 16th. This project took 35 days, there are 4 sections in this foundation pit, total excavation is 70,000m3. In the process, it encountered difficult strata such as miscellaneous fills and sand. Workers have overcome the difficulties of narrow construction space, and achieved an average daily excavation volume of about 2,000 m3 laying a foundation for the following construction procedure.

In micro-pile construction foundation, especially in complex geological conditions, such as soft soil and high groundwater table areas, it is easy to happen slippage of soil body, instability of deep foundation, deflection of pile body, which will cause great threat for security. Under the circumstances, so you can use Sinorock® hollow anchor bolt as a kind of micro piles to control and firm them, which can provide the lateral or vertical force.

Based on extreme geological conditions, Sinorock® self-drilling rock anchors (soil nails and micro piles) are also produced with hot-dip galvanized coating in order to reduce the corrosion rate, which can make strong adhesion between zinc oxide diaphragm and products’ surface and apply for the reinforcement in special conditions.