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The Discussion of Side Slope Protection System in Highway Construction

With the rapid development of highway construction in China, the side slope protection system constantly bring the highway department’s attention. It should be based on the condition of road’s grade, rainfall intensity, underwater, terrain, geology and materials of construction. To ensure the stability of highway and people’s safety, self drilling anchor bolt is widespread used in recent years.
For a long time, the protection technology of side slope in China is a weak link in road construction. Before the mid-1980s, China mainly has low-grade road, traffic is less, invest is less and the depth of digging is shallow, so it is unnecessary to focus on the protection technology of side slope. After the 1990s, construction of highway has entered a top-speed stage. Without systematic research, mature experience and technology support, it has brought hidden danger, great loss and bad social effect, sometimes it even broke the traffic and roadbed collapsed. This phenomenon has connected not only with the quality of materials, but also with the side slope protection system.
Recent years, the research of side slope protection system and reinforce technology in highway has been focused by most people. The support effect of self drilling anchor bolt has constantly strengthened and played a more and more important role.
Self drilling anchor bolt is an advanced anchoring system. It can combine drilling, grouting and anchoring together. In complex conditions, it can instead of anchor cable and common hollow anchor bolt, overcome the difficulties of collapse, unable to insert and unfilled grouting.
To ensure the construction quality of self drilling anchor bolt, it demands adopting specialized bolt machine to construct. Rock drill is usually used in the side wall if it is necessary. All the self drilling anchor boltshould be installed with plate, and the location of bolt should be identified by red paint. After using self drilling anchor bolt, the support effect of side slope has been improved, the loss and accident has been decreased.