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The Features of Foundation Pit Support

Foundation pit support is a kind of protective measure for surrounding condition and side wall. It has the effect of reinforce and support. Foundation pit support, as a structural system, should meet the demand of stable and anti-deformation. Its main forms are reinforced concrete and drilling grouting method.
Compared with the two methods. Reinforced concrete has the feature of easy to operate and short work period. It is widely used in constructional engineering, but the noise of hammering is too big, deformation of soil stratum is severe. It is limit in urban engineering. In addition, it should be delivered in construction site, then grout. Its cost is high and time-wasting.
Drilling grouting method is widely used recent years. It can combine drilling, grouting and anchoring together, time-saving and high-efficient. In addition, during the construction, there is no shake, no noise and no deformation phenomenon, it has little influence on surrounding environment. After its installation, the intensity of wall is strong, stiffness is big and supporting stability is good.
The features of foundation pit support engineering:
1. Foundation pit support engineering is a temporary project, security reserve is rather small, but it is related with local region. And different geological conditions have different features.
2. Reducing the building cost of projects and ensuring the quality of engineering is more important in foundation pit support engineering.
3. Foundation pit support engineering is developing at the direction of great depth and large area. The scale of engineering is increasing.
4. It has high-demand for geological conditions. The complex and unstable conditions will increase difficulty for design and construction of projects.
5. It emphasizes doing every link elaborately, including exploration, design, construction and monitoring, etc.
6. It should connect with other surrounding aspects, including retaining earth, supporting, waterproof, etc. If one link is failure, the whole project would be failure.